Disability Representative Services

We represent SSDI/SSI claimants who have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits in the North Atlanta and Northeast Georgia Area.
Going through the appeals process for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration can feel like climbing a mountain alone. We are here to lend a hand and provide personal, friendly and competent representation with your claim.

We provide personal service:

We believe in establishing an one-on-one relationship with our clients. We meet all of our clients in person; you will know us and we will know you. We understand this is your life and future you are placing in our hands, and we take this very seriously. You will not be ignored and your phone calls will be returned.

Disability Representative Services is a family-owned private practice established in 1991, by Patty Lord, who retired in 2016. My name is Jeanna Lord Bennett and I began practicing as a non-attorney representative in January 1994. I have over 25 years experience representing the disabled and became an EDPNA in 2008. Tim Bennett joined our office in 2016, in the position of office administrator.

Don’t give up! We’re in this together.

Many people give up after receiving their first denial on their disability claim, but this is the worst thing you can do. A high percentage of initial applications are denied. Don’t give up ! We know it is a frustrating process. We will meet with you face to face, complete your appeal and be responsible for developing your case. We know dealing with your impairments can be extremely wearisome, so we’re here to take the stress off of your shoulders by handling the disability process for you.

Our Services:

I am an Eligible for Direct Pay Non-Attorney (EDPNA) representative who provides representation through the Appeals Council level. Our office is responsible for requesting and submitting all evidence pertinent to your disability claim. We review all evidence and, if needed, advise you on areas which might need further development. We prepare and submit briefs on every case and will represent you in court before an administrative law judge.

Why Choose Us?

This is our only job. Period. We have no other areas of focus, so you are our focus. We understand that becoming disabled can happen to people from all walks of life and at any age. We help everyone. We understand blue collar folk, white collar folk and all other folks in between. We take the time to explain this process in detail and in terms that everyone can understand. We are here to answer your questions. Please give us a call.

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Disability Representative Services

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